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Arturia 3 Filters

Mini、SEM、Oberheim Matrix12のフィルターエミュレーション

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  SEM-Filter Demos

 Modulation of both the cutoff frequency and the noise level, creating a hi-hat track on top of some heavy cutoff modulation.
Mangling the original source, LFO modulating the Filter Out at audio rate and a set of various modulations.
Rising lowpass cutoff automation over 4 bars. Useful for any application!
You can have a lot of fun with this powerful tempo-synced LFO controlled preset. Hear it add a whole lot of movement and life to this electronic extract.

M12-Filter Demos

This preset responds to the incoming audio signal and adds a satisfying "zap" to the transients.
Resonant filtering on a guitar riff, emulating a wah effect. The audio signal triggers an envelope controlling both the filter cutoff and rate of the modulation.
Combined functions with the same shape but out of phase creates a nice gated rhythmic effect on this synth pad.
This preset will generate a Kick Drum/Tom and some Tops/HiHats from whatever youll feed to it. The spectral balance of the source will define the outcome.

Mini-Filter Demos

A 6 step sequence and a very fast LFO, completely transforming this techno mix into a weird FM-like sequence.
Classic pumping effect that really transforms these lush EDM chords. Perfect for adding a sidechained kick and starting a dance track.
Lovely distortion effect created by cranking up the drive knob. It definitely adds some crunch and character to this dub guitar and drum loop.
Simple step sequencer applied to the cutoff frequency, adding movement to two otherwise static sounds.





・Microsoft Windows 7 以降
・Mac OS X 10.10以降

・2 GHz マルチコアプロセッサー
・4 GB 以上のハードディスク空きスペース
・OpenGL 2.0 コンパチブル GPU

・VST 2.4 (64 ビット)
・VST 3 (64 ビット)
・Audio Unit (64 ビット)
・AAX (64ビット for PT11)